17th Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival – Aug 2-4, 2013

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The Hollywood Pitch Festival is the longest-running “pitchfest” in the world. Conceptualized eighteen years ago by Fade In magazine, the event features over 200 prominent Hollywood studios, agencies, producers, management and production companies and is 100% dedicated to pitch meetings – approximately 19 hours over the course of two days. The festival produces top agency and management signings, national press coverage (such as the New York Times, World News Tonight and The Tonight Show) and front-page Variety and Hollywood Reporter sales and options.

Over the last decade, the Hollywood Pitch Festival sparked a phenomenon that resulted in hundreds of copycat events worldwide but none of them have been able to assemble the caliber or quantity of Hollywood heavyweights that come out each year for the HPF. Several of these emulators have to bribe assistants and interns from production companies with $100 stipends just to show up. Recently, the former editor of Creative Screenwriting magazine, Jeff Goldsmith, conceded, “Paying them was the only way I could get them to attend [the Screenwriting Expo].”

Attendees of the Hollywood Pitch Festival can rest assured that the VIPs attending its pitchfest do so because they are actively looking for material and new talent not a paycheck. The Hollywood Pitch Festival prides itself on not nickel and diming writers for lunches, master classes and private consultations. HPF tickets include a master class on pitching, lunch and private, one-on-one pitch coaching via Skype video before the event, in addition to unlimited pitch meetings. More importantly, its ratio of Hollywood buyers and representatives is 1:1 not 5:1. That’s right, 200 buyers/reps for 200 attendees. When they say they keep the ratio of executives to participants high they mean it.

The Hollywood Pitch Festival also believes writers should be given the respect of having scheduled meetings, just like the pros, so that you are able to know, in advance, which companies you will be meeting with. This also allows you to prepare and tailor your pitch for each company, amend if need be and attend each meeting in a more relaxed state of mind. Attendees of the Hollywood Pitch Festival are able to spread their 30-40 meetings over the course of two days not try to cram a lesser amount of 12-20 meetings in 5 hours.

The Hollywood Pitch Festival believes in a high quality event. That’s why, each year, you’ll meet with the top studios, networks, production companies, financiers and agencies only at the Hollywood Pitch Festival.

For more information, visit http://www.hollywoodpitchfestival.com


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